Types of E-Commerce Buisness

E-commerce Companies can operate in a variety of categories, such as :

  • Business-to-Consumer: Also referred to as B2C, these E-commerce companies sell their Goods or Services to individual consumers.
  • Business-to-Business: Businesses are classified as business-to-business, or B2B, when they sell their services or goods to other businesses. These can be Wholesalers or Companies that specialize in offering Goods or Services that help organizations manage their business.
  • Consumer-to-Consumer: Consumer-to-consumer, also known as C2C, E-commerce companies develop and facilitate Online marketplaces that connect individuals that want to buy or sell services or goods.
  • Consumer-to-Business: A consumer-to-business, or C2B, transaction takes place when an individual sells Goods to a business. In some instances, the companies purchasing the items immediately post and sell them on an online marketplace.

Where do E-commerce businesses sell their Goods or Services?

You can also categorize E-commerce companies based on the Method they use for selling their products or services. They often use things like:

  • Conversational E-Commerce: Social Media Platforms have made it possible for e-commerce companies to sell their products from their posts. Using this method, Consumers are able to shop directly from their newsfeed, especially through direct Links.
  • E-commerce Marketplaces: E-commerce marketplaces allow E-commerce companies to sell their Goods or Services on their platform in exchange for a Fee or percentage of sales. These types of situations eliminate a lot of the need for merchants to market their site or attract online traffic.
  • Branded E-Commerce stores: E-commerce Companies often own and operate their own online store via their Website. In many cases, these businesses use an E-commerce platform to host their website and store.

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