Amazon is a well known brand and e-commerce platform. Where all small or big companies, manufacturers, and brands can come and sell their product globally. For selling your product on Amazon it provides Amazon Account Management. This helps sellers to manage their Account on Amazon and grow their business to the next level. Some sellers are earning their livelihood through Amazon Account Management. Amazon Account Management is also in many types and different services offered by them. Here are some of the details regarding the types of Amazon Account Management and Services.  

Strategic Account Management

Strategic Account Management is also known as SAM. This account service is free and offers various data to sellers. SAM helps new sellers to grow their business on Amazon. It also provides sellers with new business opportunities, and guides specific category features and selection expansion. Now this account service is expanded with the invitation. On the basis of existing performance sellers are selected for this Account Service. 

Time-Bound Account Management

Time-Bound Account Management is also called TBAM. This type of Account Management offers the sellers 3 to 6 months Account Management Engagement. It offers best practices and opportunities to grow your business. Nevertheless, this Account Service is also limited to some sellers only. This service is expanded by invitation and  given on the basis of sellers performance. This service has better features and opportunities for the sellers, it also provides sellers Ad Optimization feature through which sellers can promote their business on Amazon. 

Amazon Business Advisory

Amazon Business Advisory provides business intelligence-driven strategic services and insights, where sellers can increase their revenue. In this service sellers get an experienced Account Manager from Amazon, which helps them to operate this Account and Manage their Customers. Those sellers who have an active Account in Amazon can avail this service. 

Amazon Services That Help in Growth of Your Business

Service Provider Network

Service Provider Network is a type of Amazon Account Management Service, this Service provides Sellers two options. The option is issue based service or either full Account Management Service as a paid Service from Third Party Service Provider. 

Amazon Select

Amazon Select is a brand building program where sellers can grow their Brand Awareness and Business. This helps them to expand their marketplace.

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