Tips to Increase More Reviews on Amazon

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How to Get More Reviews on Amazon

Amazon is Benefitting a lot of Buyers and Sellers Today by creating a Virtual Marketplace. Therefore, it is important to understand the Mechanism which converts a Potential Lead into a Customer as the competition is becoming more fierce and Effective.

Two things to be kept in mind to increase Amazon Reviews are:

The Quality of the Product should be Top-Notch. To rate the Product 5 Star, it is important to like the product. If the Products offered are of Bad Quality, it will attract Negative Comments and the review will backfire on the sales.

Settling for ways and means that are banned by Amazon might lead to Account Suspension. Including buying fake reviews or Reviews made by known people can be considered as malpractice.

Following Tips can be followed to increase the Product Reviews on Amazon:

Amazon Early Reviewer Program

The Early Reviewer Program encourages Customers who have purchased a product to share their authentic Experience about that Product. Moreover, reviewers receive a small Reward after submitting an Authentic Review within the offer Period.

Social Media Usage

Social Media is a Powerful Platform to effectively convey the Message. While making Sale announcements, Brands can also ask their Consumers to Leave Honest Feedback on the Product. This Encourages the Consumers to write a Positive Review about the Product Experience.

Product Inserts

A Product Insert is a Card, Pamphlet or any other form of Communication delivered with your product that provides useful information to the Customer. Inserts are used by most of the sellers to Request a Review about the Consumer Experience to improve the Amazon Review and Rating. At the bottom, use a Non-Biased sentence for the customers to leave the Review. Influencing the Customer in any way with Sympathy Cards is not allowed by Amazon.

Use of “Request a Review” Button

When you view your Orders in Seller Central, a button that says “Request a Review”. Clicking this Button will Trigger a Standardized Email through Amazon, asking the Customer to Rate/Review your Product. 

It is important to keep your Amazon Webstore Optimized and Updated as the sellers increase the Competition.

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