Things to do for prevention of Account Suspension

Amazon is a Global Platform for expanding your business throughout the World. Amazon provides various new features with Account Management, Brand Store, Box, A+ content and many more things which push your business further. But many times the seller’s account gets suspended by Amazon. It is because New Seller’s do not have proper knowledge for operating their Account. But don’t be afraid of Account Suspension. Here we are with some of the Amazing things to do, Which can prevent your Account with the Suspension.

Fast Response to Each Notification from

Amazon is a Global Platform to satisfy the demand of both Sellers and Buyers, therefore you have to be Active towards all the notifications from Amazon and up-to-date with each notification from Amazon. Be Polite and always Clarify your Issues with Amazon don’t Conflict. Make special attention towards the Suspended Account Mail and reply within Few Minutes. 

Provide Instant Services to Your Customers

The First and foremost work of Amazon is to satisfy its Customers. So, If you are a Seller then you have to be quick towards each question and doubt from the Customer. Always respond quickly to the Packing and Shipping Issues or any Doubt from the Customer. 

Amazon Product Listing 

Product Listing is your Product Page where you come to know about the whole detail of your Product. Your Amazon Product Listing Page should be attractive and carry information about the Product and set a standard price as per the quality of material. It should be similar with the other Products available on Amazon. The Description of the Product should be Clear and Accurate and sets a minimum and maximum price of the product. Monitoring your Product Listing Page can prevent your Account from Suspension. 

Never Do Fake Promises With Customers

A Customer always wants a good deal at every place of Shopping, so never make a fake promise with a Customer. Fake notification, prices and false description only lead you to the Amazon Account Suspension. So a seller maintains some business ethics to prevent Amazon Suspension Appeal. 

Maintain the Quality and Standard of Product 

Satisfaction of the Customer always depends on the Quality and Standard of the product. So never compromise with the Standard and Quality of the Product. Do not use another company’s trademark; it appeals to Amazon Suspension. 

Shipping on Time 

Your Product must be reached to the Customer on the exact time and date, it can reduce the image of your brand on Amazon and as a Seller. As a Seller avoid the late Shipping. It also prevents your Account from the Suspension. 

Supervise Your Account Everyday

Everyday Supervise your Amazon Seller Account. So as a Seller be Attentive towards each Feedback, Query or Doubt of the Customer or Market. You must know about your Account properly, it can help you to resolve issues.

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