Technology We Apply

At Justo Consulting

Our emphasis on partnerships and people is further credited by our world-class technology and development teams. Our developers continually strive to create the most advanced and user-friendly software platforms. Every company partnering with Justo Consulting benefits from this technology, which means their customers benefit as well. IVR’s, Fluid Scripting, Data Capture & Reporting are only a few of the ways Justo Consulting’s technology ensures quality with every customer contact.

CTI System

Justo Consulting ‘s best-in-class telephony systems utilize a unique Windows XP / Windows 200X-based software program called Customer Interaction Center (CIC). Designed to replace proprietary communication devices such as PBXs’, ACDs’, IVRs’, voice mail systems and web gateways, the CIC platform handles all interactions from phone calls, faxes, e-mails and voice mail, to Internet text chats, Web call-back requests, Voice over IP calls and call recording.

Technology We Apply

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Justo Consulting ‘s IVR systems are flexible enough to manage high call volumes, while reducing overall cost and improving the customer experience. All of Justo Consulting ‘s IVR systems are scalable, feature rich, fully automated, and function in Inbound and Outbound channels. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology to automate your inbound calls by allowing businesses to interact with customers through pre-recorded voice messages with DTMF input using a keypad.

Justo Consulting has a staff of data analysts working 24X7. Justo Consulting ‘s staff provides custom reports, loads customer contacts, updates records and can alter dialing strategies on a moment’s notice. Our contact lists are acquired from legacy systems or procured on behalf of our clients. These lists are available to our clients in any requested format, at any interval to ensure quality service. This minimizes our partner’s staffing requirements, as all data can be provided in an end-user digestible format.


100% Data Capture

Justo Consulting capture all information related to every single call – data entry, statistical data and even a recording of the call itself. This information is easily retrievable and is available immediately after the interaction. This comprehensive approach allows us to retrieve and deliver the information you need in order to achieve results and succeed.


Justo Consulting employs a highly trained staff of application and web developers. At the heart of Justo Consulting development activity is a customized application deployment tool. This ensures our partner’s a quick launch of their campaign. This also ensures their campaign’s launch is functional and efficient, allowing our new partner’s to effectively meet business demands. Justo Consulting also provides integration with business legacy customer applications, a customer relationship management interface for external access, or an integrated application accessible online. Our website development team excels in enhancing corporate web presence, providing online interfaces for employment applications, increasing database driven sales, and developing aesthetic web elements such as flash presentation.