Usually, the Average Seller may wait months for a product to show up in Amazon’s organic search results, but Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) paid search ads get your products in front of the right customers almost immediately. By putting a little bit of ad spend behind your listings, you can quickly bump your products up to the first page of search results. Let our experts in Amazon PPC management guide you in the right direction.

With Justo Consulting, a team of Professionals Monitoring and Managing your PPC campaign(s) on Amazon, you enjoy more clicks and conversions more quickly than without advertising. Clients that have invested in Amazon PPC optimization have experienced:

An Increase in Sales
Greater Brand Visibility
Lower Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) over time
Greater Brand Loyalty
Higher Brand Awareness


Amazon ads often don’t feel like ads at all. Amazon PPC ads often blend in with the other products in the organic search results, creating a more seamless and less intrusive experience for shoppers — and more clicks and conversions for marketers.

Amazon offers a variety of Advertising Products to help vendors and sellers grow their businesses and expand their reach. Whether you are new to Amazon advertising or interested in optimising your existing campaign(s), our Amazon consultants are here to help you get the most bang for your advertising buck.


Increase Sales

Consumers come to Amazon ready and willing to make a purchase. PPC advertising helps you target shoppers who are already looking to purchase products like yours.

Visibility Boost 

Advertising may give your brand and products an instant boost in visibility. Ads are strategically displayed in highly visible places — such as on product detail pages or on the first page of search results — to grab the shopper’s attention.

Control Costs

With PPC advertising, you pay only for the clicks your ads receive. By Tracking your Ad Spend and performance through your campaign reports, you see what’s working and what isn’t and adjust your ad campaigns to maximize the Effectiveness of your ads.


Amazon offers sellers access to four PPC advertising formats to boost visibility. While all three ad formats are available through Amazon, certain ad types are restricted to certain sellers. What PPC resources are available to you? Here’s a breakdown of the available PPC advertising formats:

Sponsored Product ads let you promote individual product listings to consumers as they browse their search results.
Sponsored Brand ads help drive awareness of your brand by featuring your brand logo alongside three of your products.
Sponsored Brand video ads appear on Amazon as well as in outside markets, and link customers to your product detail page.
Sponsored Display ads target shoppers as they browse similar products; these ads may be configured to reach audiences outside of Amazon.


At Justo Consulting, we believe in a steady approach to Amazon advertising. You don’t have to develop your strategy all at once. Instead, we use the first few weeks of your campaign as a test-and-learn period. We then use our findings to optimize your strategy moving forward and position you for long-term success, allowing time for your products to gain the visibility they need to dominate. The specific Process needs to be Followed as:

1. Set Your Goals

We use your advertising goals to help shape your strategy, so knowing your goals before you get started is important. If your focus is on driving sales, we focus your ads on converting clicks into orders. If you’re hoping to create greater brand awareness, we focus on impressions and set strong cost-per-click bids to help you win more keywords and achieve greater visibility.

During your first consultation, we go over these goals to help ensure we are putting together an Amazon advertising strategy that aligns with your desired outcomes.

2. Decide Which Products to Advertise

Selecting the right product listings is a big part of helping you achieve your established advertising goals. If you’re using Sponsored Product ads, be sure to check that the products you choose are in stock and competitively priced to increase your chances of having your ad displayed.

3. Prep Your Product Detail Pages

You are going to drive shoppers to your product detail pages so you want to ensure that your listings are as strong as possible. Your listings should include:

Accurate, descriptive product titles
High-quality product images and infographics
Relevant, useful product information
Five feature bullet points
Relevant keywords in the copy and on the backend

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