Amazon Listing Optimization Service

Amazon listing optimization is the process of improving Amazon product pages to help increase your organic rankings and sales. It involves a series of steps that address the title, bullet points, description, images and backend keywords of your listing. The goals of focusing on listing optimization are to improve your search relevancy or visibility, Click-through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate (CR).

Maximizing your keyword ranking helps achieve more conversions. By increasing your customer conversion rate, you accomplish two very important things for your listings and business:
Optimized Amazon listings lead to increased sales and revenues – Even if the number of visitors to your listing remains the same, better content naturally leads to higher conversions and sales.
Increased sales generate more listing traffic – Amazon actively rewards listings that are most successful at converting customers. The best listings rank higher in customer searches on Amazon and, as a result, are seen by more shoppers and produce even greater sales.

Typical results from our Amazon listing optimization service are:



  • Better product exposure
    Fewer product returns 
    Higher sales volume
    Greater customer satisfaction
    Higher rankings in searches
    Higher-quality listings

In addition to optimize Amazon listings for products in the United States, JustoConsultancy also offers optimization services for Amazon. The European market offers an incredible opportunity to get your product in front of millions of potential customers. Even better, many of Amazon Europe’s product categories aren’t as saturated as those in the U.S., meaning you face less competition and enjoy greater opportunities to make sales.

Amazon Optimization for Mobile Device Shoppers 

Mobile shopping is growing in popularity and the dollar value of mobile retail sales is continually increasing. Mobile shopping apps, like Amazon, offer shoppers a seamless experience. The streamlined, user-friendly app makes shopping online simple, efficient, stress-free and convenient, especially for users on-the-go. Plus, with Prime membership, users don’t have to leave the site or get frustrated because they don’t meet the free shipping minimum.

Mobile optimization increases sales, improves the buying experience and enhances customer satisfaction. Mobile optimization involves the incorporation of essential keywords, optimized product titles, content formatting tailored to mobile buyers and quality images.

Keyword Listing for Amazon Listing Optimization 

Relevant keywords are the foundation of any Amazon listing. If the foundation is strong, your listing will stand tall — appearing higher up in search rankings and driving greater conversions. If your foundation is weak, your listing will. To discover the keywords that are best suited for your listing, we conduct a thorough keyword search engine optimization (SEO) analysis. We research and incorporate into your listing the relevant words used most often by shoppers when searching Amazon for items like yours. With these keywords seamlessly integrated into your listing by our professional copywriters, you are on your way to greater optimization and visibility.

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