Off-Page SEO: What Is It & How Can Take Advantage of It

A Website is determined by many factors Off Page SEO is one of those factors. For a website SEO is the main part to do if On Page SEO is the fuel then Off Page SEO is the driver of your website for the ranking. On Google primarily your website rank by On Page SEO factors, while how high it can rank on SERP is determined by Off Page SEO factors. 

Off Page SEO 

The main aim for every SEO is to get a high ranking of websites on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. For high ranking, developers try to develop and design their Website which is crawled by Google or other search engines for the ranking. Search engines evaluate ranking of the Website on two factors On- Page SEO and Off- Page SEO. On-Page factors are mainly Responsiveness of the Website, UX of the Website, Page Loading Speed, User Friendliness, Textual and Visual Content of the Website. On the other side, Off- Page SEO is about those activities which we do outside of one’s Website, like Social Media mentions, Backlinks, and other Marketing Activities. In Off- Page SEO, the more relevant your Backlink is Website’s ranking automatically high on Search Engine. Off- Page SEO involves optimisation of the overall brand’s online and offline performance through Content, Positive Relationship, Backlinks and Social Media Campaigns. It helps in improvement of Site’s Popularity, Relevance, Trustworthiness and Standing. Therefore Off-Page SEO helps in gradual increase in Positive Brand Mentions, Higher Search Rankings, Traffic to your site and Conversions.

Decisive Factors- Off-Page SEO


Backlinks are one of the most important factors for Off-Page SEO. The Quality and number of Backlinks on your Website determine how High your Website Rank on SERP. Crawlers of Search Engines use Backlinks as an Indicator linked to your content’s value. More numbers of Site Linking to your Content make your Website more Credible and Reputed.

There are 3 types of Links: 

Organic Link : Organic Links are also known as Natural Links and created  without any activity of site owner and page. Guest blogging and featuring industry- related publications are some forms of Organic Linking. 

Manually Built Links : Manually Built Links are those which are created by strategies. For example: Asking your customer to link with your Website or share your Website’s Content. 

Self-Created Link: Some of activities like adding Backlinks in Online Directory, Commenting, Blogs or any Forum are some of the examples of Self- Created Links. 

Domain Authority 

Domain Authority is actually a number which is given by the Search Engines to the Website which determines its strength. Domain Authority is measured in the scale of 1 to 100, it is just like a scale which reflects how much preference a site will get. Websites with High Domain Authority get the Ranking high in Search Engine while domain with lower Domain Authority are likely to Rank Poorly. Also the number of Backlinks determine the Domain Authority. With best designing, developing and SEO practices , are some of the factors that can maximise the measure of Domain Authority and improve the Rankings.  

Non-Linking, Off- Page SEO

Backlinking is the most important part of Off-Page SEO and earning Backlinks from many external websites is the most prominent Off-Page SEO strategy. It is very helpful for increasing your ranking on SERP.

Social Media Alignments: Any activity related with your Website’s page is not linked directly with any Social Media Platform. Social Media is helpful to generate a lot of clicks on your Website, a lot of link sharing and boosting traffic. 

Guest Blogging: Guest Blogging is also helpful in generating Backlinking and traffic on your Website, However the Quality of Backlink matters here rather than Quantity. 

Brand Mentions, Linked or Unlinked: Maximum Websites have brand mentions, but it is not properly linked with its site. However it builds Off-Page SEO of the Website. 

Influencer Marketing: Social Media Campaigns through collaborating with influencers, helpful in getting traffic and link sharing of your Website. 

Therefore, through these off-page SEO factors you can get traffic and maximum number of clicks on your website.

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