Mistake to Avoid in E-Commerce Website

The main success Mantra behind every winning online business organization is a customer-friendly website. Following are the certain mistakes to be avoided while building (developing) your eCommerce site.

  • Low quality Graphic Design: Unappealing and unattractive designs of a website can diminish the rate of website visitors. The aesthetically designed and presented website can receive more visitors and interest. As the website gets more visitors, so thus their interest to purchase from the site.
  • Tiny and Small Fonts: Visitors find it difficult to read content with small and tiny fonts on websites. In mobile, these types of contents make it difficult for the potential visitors and they can read the information only when zooming is on. Computer users also find problems as they need to focus more to read the content. As a result, such things compel them to leave the site.
  • Lack of Filter Navigation: Filtered navigation is a must have for an eCommerce site as it enables the buyers to search the product of their choice by filtering the product according to the price range, name of the company and products, etc. of their choice and interest. Choosing a product out of millions is a bit of a tedious job, but a filtered navigation system can ease out the problem.
  • No Search Bar or advanced Search Bar: A search bar can confer a positive effect on the mind of the users. Visitors find the site more interesting as they are able to search for the product by typing on the search bar. It is useful as it enables the users to find the product easily even if they don’t know about the product category.
  • Compulsory Login or Registration: In some of the ecommerce websites, users have to login or register in order to purchase products and services. This feature annoyed the users and they feel frustrated to login every time they visit the site.  In order to make the site more appealing and user friendly, owners should avoid this feature or else integrate social networking login at the site for the same purpose.
  • Poor Customer Services information: Unavailability of customer care in each of the web pages can lead to a negative perception of the users. Customers often want transparent information about the online merchant as they unveil their credit card information on the site to purchase and services offered by the site. So, it is important to mention their contact information and numbers in each of the webpages of the eCommerce site.
  • Broken or Missing Stuffs: Broken links, missing images on a website can lead to a bad user experience and negative perception. Generally, an eCommerce website requires plenty of resources including information on the products and services, images. Thereby, eCommerce websites boast of many links. Users get frustrated if they come across broken links and missing images so often on a site. In order to offer good user experience, online merchants need to work vigilantly to avoid mistakes.

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