Long Tail Keywords

  • Long-Tail keywords are very much essential in writing any content. Here for the Amazon Listing and PPC Campaigns, Long-Tail keywords play a very important role. 
  • Long- Tail keywords are actually a group of words or keywords that are definite for your products and are used by customers. 
  • Typically 3+ word phrases.
  • Mainly buyers use these sets of words when they are close to purchasing a product of their choice. 
  • Long-Tail keywords are very much important for increasing your rank on Amazon. Therefore Long-Tail keywords can be helpful for outranking your competitors. 
  • Long-Tail keywords are usually longer than commonly used keywords
  • Long-Tail keywords have less search traffic but have higher conversion rate. 

Find Long-Tail Keywords For Free –

  • www dot keywordtool.io/amazon
  • Amazon Suggestion Expander Extension

Long-Tail Keywords For New Sellers: 

  • Low CPC 
  • Less Competition 
  • High Buying Intent 
  • Less Search Volume 

Advantages Of Using Long-Tail Keywords On Amazon:

  • Long -Tail Keywords have a better conversion rate. 
  • Long -Tail Keywords help your Product Rank Organically. 
  • Long -Tail Keywords help to push your brand to the top.
  • Long- Tail Keywords have less competition. 
  • Amazon makes its sales nearly 57% from Long- Tail Keywords.   

Therefore, if you are a New Seller and want to increase your product’s rank on Amazon. Then use Long-Tail Keywords in your content, these play an important role in optimization of your content and help in selling your product on Amazon.

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