Listing your products on Amazon is an essential thing for selling your product on the platform. Many people don’t know about the listing and the ongoing procedure of Amazon related with Seller Central, A+ or listing of the product. But don’t worry about the knowledge and process. Here are some points which can be helpful for listing your product on Amazon. 

Step 1: Before Listing Products on Amazon, get ready for: 

There are a few needy things to do before listing your products on Amazon. The procedure on Amazon is simpler but failing to complete any of them will generate extra work to do later on. So have a look on the following points, which will assure you for the further work and make you understand the criteria of Amazon. 

UPC Code 

Whether you are planning for one product or bulk of products, each product for listing on Amazon will require a specific UPC code. 

Measure Height And Weight  

For uploading your product on Amazon you need to measure Height and Weight, which can be done through 2 ways. First, if you have already listed your products on Amazon, then you can copy Height and Weight from that listing. If not then, you have to measure it physically, its height, weight, width and length. Knowing the weight and size of your products help to plan your storage and selling tactics.

Consider Professional Looking Photos

Consider Unique or Professional looking photos of your product, because they are one of the main reasons for listing your product on Amazon.  

Make Your Products Discoverable 

The Last step before putting all the things on Amazon is to make sure your product is easy to locate so customers can find them easily. So double check that you have selected the Correct Category. Find the correct keyword for your product, it can help customers find it easy to find. 

Step 2: Start Creating Amazon Product Listings:

In the first step we have discussed some basic things that you need to make sure before listing. But all the things will be helpful in the second step where you come to know about click, configured and upload. 

This section consists of 3 initial steps, which results after completion of the first section. 

  • On your seller central account go to the inventory drop down then pick “add a product”. If you are using a spreadsheet, you can easily get this point by clicking on “add products via upload”. 
  • On “add a product” screen, there are three options, select one of three options. Then search for any product by its name or ID. Now click on create a new product listing below the search box. Here on the right side of your screen select “bulk upload” for batch upload. 
  • Confirm principal category of your product, add additional category or subcategory from which your product belongs.

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