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No matter which industry you belong to, Justo Consulting has a solution for you. Our detailed and segmented industry specific database helps you enhance your approach towards your customers.

Information Technology:

The IT industry is embedded in innovative marketing techniques, reselling, outsourcing, management and other upcoming facets.


The digital shift in global marketing has placed more pressure on marketing and advertising agencies.


Educational institutions are coming of age with the changes brought in by e-Learning and online channels.


Customer is always the king and meeting a king’s expectation is what the Manufacturing Industry usually does.


The healthcare industry is richly absorbed into resources such as hospitals, pharmacies and many new emerging areas of expertise.


Technology and telecommunications are at the forefront of connectivity and breaking new frontiers in communication.

Real Estate:

Improving your performance in real estate can be very challenging in the face of unstable home prices.


Banking, financial services and insurance is an industry term for companies that provide a range of such financial products or services.