On Digital Marketing platform every Online Marketing company wants to be ranked 1 on Google Search Result. For this the Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Keyword Research, Site Errors, Anchor Text, Quality Links Building, Social Media Presence is the main key behind it. 

 Without SEO you can’t think about being on Google Search Results. Although SEO has many types and a Digital Marketing professional knows very well how SEO can be used for various sections on Digital Marketing. However many times people don’t know about it, So here we are with some ideas which can be helpful for you to rank 1 Google. 

Keyword Research

Before starting any of your campaigns on Google or any other platform just make sure the Keyword you are going to use has High Search Result or Low Search Result. For only attraction you can’t use the high rank keyword, it’s actually a foolishness not more than that. Use only those Keywords for websites which have a Good Search Result and low SEO difficulty. Optimise your website as per the Search Engine Guidelines and as per the user’s choice. If you have a user choice keyword then you, then it will help you to get better leads for the website. 

Fix Site Errors

Due to site errors your website can be in low rank on Google. SEO Optimization is the most essential and important part for ranking your website on Google. Optimise your website properly with every aspect of SEO like Anchors, Meta Tags, Alt Tags, Head Tags and many more.  

Anchor Text 

There can be many reasons to penalise your Website and an imbalanced Anchor Text is one of them. Try to always use variety in Anchor Text and also use your brand’s name more in your Anchor Texts. You can use variations in your Link Building. You can use Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking or Blog Comments. It helps to engage the audience properly. Use Anchor Text it looks natural because unusual and improper anchor texts can ruin your online presence.   

Quality Links Building

As a SEO Professional, always check the quality of your link. Having a check on the IP address of the Website, Page Authority, Page Ranks or Domain Authority matters less but works for your website’s quality not quantity. Make Quality Links, it is also helpful in earning trust of the audience.

Social Media Presence

Social Media is one of the biggest platforms to promote your brand. It is the easiest way to engage the audience with your work, services and brand. Here you can promote your brand through postings, stories, amazing captions and many activities here which can be helpful for you to get or divert traffic on your website. You can use all Social Media Profiles, Engage your customers and build a great relationship with your audience. This can be helpful for you to get traffic on your website also and better direct reach with the audience from here. 

Social Media is one of the parts of Off-Page SEO, so doing relevant activities here is also helpful in Off-Page SEO.

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