Amazon + is the feature where you can add informative images of your product listing. It includes your Product Description. Amazon A+ is the main feature where you can show the importance of your product through a Description of your product in paragraph or bullet points and add images. Sellers who are registered on Amazon Brand Registry can enhance their product description. Amazon A+ is the best way to enhance the importance of your Brand and plays a huge role in Optimization of your product listing.

There are two types of A+ content:

  1. A+ Content
  2. Premium A+ Content or A++ Content

Difference between A or Premium A++ Content 

A+ Content: 

  • Available to Sellers and Vendors registered under Amazon Brand Registry. 
  • Free.
  • 5 Modules product description per page. 
  • 970 Pixels Wide Images per page. 
  • According to Product Description, Lenient character count. 

Premium or A++ Content 

  • Access by Invite only 
  • Cost Thousands of Dollars 
  • 7 Module Product Description per Page 
  • 1464 Pixels Wide, Images and Videos fit the full width of the page. 
  • Premium Visuals that reduce Character Count. 

Amazon( EBC ) A+ Eligibility Requirements 

Registered fully on Amazon brand registry. A Seller with registered products on Amazon launchpad and exclusives is eligible. They can avail the EBC or A+ Content features for ASINs and a part of approved catalogues and brands. 

Steps to Add EBC or Amazon A+ Content 

You can follow these steps to start adding A+ Content 

  • Log into your Seller or Vendor Central Account 
  • Click on the advertising tab and open A+ Content manager from the drop down menu. 
  • Click on start Creating A+ Content 

After Completion of these steps, you can edit and create whatever way you want. You can begin by entering the Template Name, Language and Start Building Module. 

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

  • Best way to attract attention for your product and build awareness and loyalty for your brand. 
  • Visually engaging A+ Content makes customers stay on your product and read description. 
  • Helps to Rank products through keyword indexing in A+ Content.

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