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Customer Service

Amazon Seller Support Services for Our Clients


We understand that many businesses simply do not have the resources to stay on top of incoming customer messages and product queries. The Awesome Dynamic Amazon Customer Service team works with you to find ways to manage the time-consuming, but necessary, customer service process. We provide customer service for Amazon seller accounts, including:

  • Customer service messages
  • Product questions
  • Returns
  • Refunds
  • Replacement orders
  • Negative feedback

Online sales platforms such as Amazon allow customers to review items and provide feedback regarding their experiences with sellers. In making their buying decisions, shoppers place substantial emphasis on these messages. In the online world, this is the measure of customer service.


Providing proper customer service improves the consumer’s experience and is especially vital if your business sells on Amazon.

  • Exceeding Amazon’s customer service expectations has always been among the most important priorities, and excellent customer service helps improve your ranking.
  • Superior Amazon selling customer care helps you stand out from the competition. With so many sellers on the world’s largest eCommerce platform, delivering an unmatched buyer experience is key.
  • Great customer service proves that your brand is responsive, inspires loyalty from your Amazon customers and helps to cement your reputation as a trustworthy seller.

Having based and built its business on incredible customer service, Amazon expects no less of the third-party sellers using their platforms. Amazon’s sales platforms and algorithms are structured to identify, reward and highlight the listings of sellers who provide good customer service, and to de-emphasize those that do not. In extreme cases, sellers providing poor customer service may find their accounts suspended or even completely removed.

Although mastering FBA is time-consuming and sometimes challenging, it is one of the biggest competitive advantages you have over other sellers.