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Few Important Points to Keep in Mind to Avoid dealing with Online Marketing Mistakes are

Knowledge about the Market

You need to find out how much customers will pay, as well as how much competitors charge. You can then decide whether to match or beat them. Simply matching a price is dangerous, though – you need to be sure all your costs – both direct and indirect – are covered.

Choose the Best Pricing Technique

Cost-plus pricing involves adding a markup percentage to costs; this will vary between products, businesses, and sectors. Value-based pricing is determined by how much value your customers attach to your product. Release price is used to tempt customers to try your product when used for a short period of time. Sometimes to capture market share, startups may continue to charge low prices till sufficient market share has been achieved.

Work out your Costs

Include all direct costs, including Money spent developing a product or service. Then calculate your variable costs (for materials, packaging and so on), the more you make or sell, the higher these will be. Work out what percentage of your fixed costs (overheads such as rent, rates, and wages) the product needs to cover. Add all of these costs together and divide by volume to produce a unit break-even figure.

Consider Cost-plus Pricing

 You will need to add a margin or markup to your break-even point. This is usually expressed as a percentage of break-even. Industry norms, experience or market knowledge will help you decide the level of markup. If the price looks too high, trim your costs and reduce the price accordingly. Be aware of the limitations of Cost-plus pricing, because it works on the assumption you will sell all units. If you don’t, your profit is lower.

Think about other Factors

How will charging GST have an impact on price? Can you keep Margins modest on some products in order to achieve Higher Margin sales on others? You might need to calculate different prices for different territories, markets or sales you make online.

Stay on your Toes

Prices can Seldom be fixed for long. Your Costs, Customers, and Competitors can change, so you will have to shift your prices to keep up with the market. Keep an Eye on what’s going on and talk to your Customers regularly to make sure your Prices remain optimal.

How to Avoid Online Marketing Mistakes

Online Marketing is a set of Tools and Methodologies used for promoting Products and services through the Internet. Few of the Online Marketing Mistakes to avoid are:

Not Engaging Customers

Though part of Online Marketing, activities like Social Media Marketing via Social Networking Sites need special mention as these activities help in creating buzz around the startup in the short term and help to build brand value when done effectively in the long term which brings in the Potential Customers.

Targeting the Wrong Customers

With advanced Web Analytic Tools now freely available, it is possible to Target your audiences once you know your Customer. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are ways by which you can Target your audiences effectively.

Setting up the Wrong Prices

Pricing is the process whereby a business sets the Price at which it will sell its Products and Services, and may be part of the business’s Marketing Plan. People can compare your Pricing in seconds, instead of having to trudge around multiple physical stores. If you are too low, customers may think your products are Low quality. If you are too High, they’ll feel like you’re trying to rip them off.

Not having a Blog

Publishing Blog Content that is Valuable, Informed and Accessible will establish you as a voice to be trusted. It is equally important to be Interactive and not just create Blogs. Moreover, add guest posts or Interviews from Researchers or successful professionals in your field.

Ways to Increase the Sales from E-Commerce Porals

E-Commerce Portals can Increase the Sales by following these significant procedures:

  • Full Product Descriptions

Product Description is one of the major parts of any product page in an ecommerce Website. It is always recommended to use the full description of your products such as price, features, sizes, colors, etc to present the Clarity and Transparency.

  • Add Product Videos

Product Video also helps in Increasing Sales, so it is important that you make a detailed Video of your product and add it to the product page to make it Highlighted.

  • Get Product View

Getting Genuine Customer reviews will help you to improve products’ trustworthiness. If you get maximum Positive reviews for your products then the chance will be increased to buy it.

  • Get Social Sharing options

Social Sharing Buttons must be added to your product page so that more people can share it. Social sharing Buttons will help your product to reach many people and aid in Marketing.

  • High Quality product Images

Use High-quality Images of your products to attract your Customers. Product Images should be clear and proper in size. If possible then use more than one image of the product. Moreover, Graphics and Alignment should be proper.

  • Highlight your Top-Selling Production

Highlight your most Selling Products to your Customers, for generating the Lead and Increasing the sales among the Customer. Also, Customer Reviews help in Targeting more Customers.

  • Use Structured Data

Structured Data will Indirectly Improve your Sales by improving CTR (Clickthrough Rate). Structured Data helps to highlight product Price, Size, and Reviews in the Search Engine.

  • Website Page Speed

Website page speed also matters in Improving the Sales. If your E-commerce portal is slow and takes more than 3 seconds to load then you lose your Customer because your Customer leaves your website and goes back to the Search Engine for another faster website as Time-Effectiveness Matters.

Advantages of A+ Content

A+ Content has one main goal: to encourage your visitors to buy. According to Amazon, A+ content Increases your conversion rate and increases your Revenue.

Having A+ Content page brings many Advantages. Few of them are:

Provide Emotional Content and Storytelling

Has the company been family owned for decades, is it committed to sustainability, or uses only natural ingredients for all products? The A+ Page can showcase target-group-specific features with images and complete them with text. This part of the A+ Page doesn’t have to have as much to do with the product itself and can also refer to a product line or the entire company.

Highlight Unique Selling Points

We recommend using clear Images that show the USPs of the product with an example. A short text under the Image is also very helpful.

Effectuate a better understanding of the product

Before the purchase, Customers want to learn and know about the product as much as possible about a product to know if it is what they are looking for. There are barriers on the Internet because certain experiences are more difficult to have digitally: an item cannot be picked up, touched or tried on. A high level of product understanding also prevents incorrect purchases, so fewer returns are expected and, in addition, better reviews are written.

Create a Single Pager Landing Page

Integrating your own Corporate Identity on Amazon is very difficult due to the predefined layouts on the platform. With the help of One Pagers, a Loophole can be found: One creates CI-compliant image banners, which are equipped with USP icons, Logos and the brand history.

The best way to Increase Conversion Rates is to engage the Buyer’s emotional “why” by keeping them longer on the listing.

Amazon Seller Account

Amazon is a Multinational Company which was founded by Jeff Bezos, in Washington on 5th July 1995. Firstly it was named by Cadabra.Inc after a few months it was renamed by In the present world Amazon is the greatest Online Marketing platform which focuses on e-Commerce, Digital Streaming, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Amazon is one of the Influential Cultural and Economic Organisation in the world and most valuable brands in the World. It is one of the big 5 American IT Companies with Apple, Meta, Alphabet and Microsoft. Amazon generated $386 billion in US retail e-Commerce sales in 2020 and up 38% over 2019. Amazon is the biggest platform to grow your small or big business and to go beyond your locality. For Amazon you have to create a Seller Account. Amazon Seller Account is a needy thing for creating your store on the Amazon platform. 

Why Do Newcomers Prefer Amazon Seller Accounts? 

  • Since 2016 Amazon has had 130 million New Clients every month. 
  • Amazon has a very vast customer connection around the World. 
  • Payment is secure on Amazon, no glitches. 
  • Hassle free shipping, on time. 
  • At every step Amazon professionals are ready to guide you for your account set up and store set up. 

What is the advantage to creating an Amazon Seller Account? 

  • Amazon is the Largest Online trusted Marketing Platform, and has a large number of users and buyers. Everyday more than 150 million buyers visit Amazon. 
  • Amazon has easy to access software, which allows sellers to display the listing in a sequence which is handy for buyers.
  • Amazon is popular all over the World. 
  • Amazon provides the best price for buyers and sellers. 
  • Amazon has many features which are easy to use for the seller.  

Some Prior Knowledge to Open a Seller Account in Amazon 

  • Firstly research about your product. 
  • Search for your supplier.
  • Registration on Amazon Seller Account. 
  • Make an Amazing product listing.
  • Make a shipping plan.  

Firstly research about your product

Before starting or setting your business at Amazon you have to do some research about Market feedback of the different products. As a newcomer you have to find out the demand of the product and the turnover of the products on Amazon. On Amazon, ranking 50 of any product is good, so select that product. According to the facility of Amazon and the demand of the product in the audience choose your product. 

Search for your supplier

After deciding about a product, now is the time to think about the supplier of your products. You can assemble products at a lower price from the market and sell them at Amazon on printed price, or purchase directly from the Wholesaler. It can provide you with a better price on Amazon. 

Registration on Amazon Seller Account

After searching for suppliers now it’s time to register as a businessman to Amazon Seller Account. For register on Amazon Seller Account you need following documents: 

  • Legal Business Name, Address, and Valid Contact Number. 
  • A Valid E-mail Account which you can use on behalf of your company. 
  • An Internationally Chargeable Credit Card with billing address.
  • A valid mobile number which is available on the time of sign up. 
  • Pan Card. 
  • The GSTIN number is mandatory. 
  • Bank Account with cheque and proper address. 
  • KYC document (residential proof, ID proof, etc.). 
  • Brand Undertaking or Authorisation. 

Make an Amazing product listing

Make an amazing product listing with appropriate categories which is helpful for buyers to get products easily. You can create a separate list of each product. You can upload bulk products also with a single click. For easily understandable you can create Ms excel spreadsheet for bulk products and save it as a CSV file. Now you can upload it on your Amazon Seller Account. 

Make a shipping plan

For fast selling of your products, choose Amazon Prime but for that you have to fulfil eligibility criteria by Amazon. The other part of Amazon is FBA, and is responsible for the shipping of the products to the customer on time. You have to pay the fees of FBA including Amazon Seller Fees. For packing and shipping Amazon is responsible but you have to print barcodes and pack according to their criteria. FBA in Amazon is responsible for higher listing of your products, taking care of your products and easy return policy. 

So what are you waiting for, expand your business globally and grow your small business on a large scale.

Enhanced A+ Content

Amazon + is the feature where you can add informative images of your product listing. It includes your Product Description. Amazon A+ is the main feature where you can show the importance of your product through Description of your product in paragraph or bullet points and add images. Sellers who are registered on Amazon Brand Registry can enhance their product description. Amazon A+ is the best way to enhance the importance of your Brand and plays a huge role in Optimization of your product listing.

There are two types of A+ content:

  1. A+ Content
  2. Premium A+ Content or A++ Content

Difference between A or Premium A++ Content 

A+ Content: 

  • Available to Sellers and Vendors registered under Amazon Brand Registry. 
  • Free.
  • 5 Modules product description per page. 
  • 970 Pixels Wide Images per page. 
  • According to Product Description, Lenient character count. 

Premium or A++ Content 

  • Access by Invite only 
  • Cost Thousands of Dollars 
  • 7 Module Product Description per Page 
  • 1464 Pixels Wide, Images and Videos fit the full width of the page. 
  • Premium Visuals that reduce Character Count. 

Amazon( EBC ) A+ Eligibility Requirements 

Registered fully on Amazon brand registry. A Seller with registered products on Amazon launchpad and exclusives is eligible. They can avail the EBC or A+ Content features for ASINs and a part of approved catalogues and brands. 

Steps to Add EBC or Amazon A+ Content 

You can follow these steps to start adding A+ Content 

  • Log into your Seller or Vendor Central Account 
  • Click on the advertising tab and open A+ Content manager from the drop down menu. 
  • Click on start Creating A+ Content 

After Completion of these steps, you can edit and create whatever way you want. You can begin by entering the Template Name, Language and Start Building Module. 

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

  • Best way to attract attention for your product and build awareness and loyalty for your brand. 
  • Visually engaging A+ Content makes customers stay on your product and read description. 
  • Helps to Rank products through keyword indexing in A+ Content.

Long Tail Keywords In Amazon Product Listing

Long Tail Keywords

  • Long-Tail keywords are very much essential in writing any content. Here for the Amazon Listing and PPC Campaigns, Long-Tail keywords play a very important role. 
  • Long- Tail keywords are actually a group of words or keywords that are definite for your products and are used by customers. 
  • Typically 3+ word phrases.
  • Mainly buyers use these sets of words when they are close to purchasing a product of their choice. 
  • Long-Tail keywords are very much important for increasing your rank on Amazon. Therefore Long-Tail keywords can be helpful for outranking your competitors. 
  • Long-Tail keywords are usually longer than commonly used keywords
  • Long-Tail keywords have less search traffic but have higher conversion rate. 

Find Long-Tail Keywords For Free –

  • www dot
  • Amazon Suggestion Expander Extension

Long-Tail Keywords For New Sellers: 

  • Low CPC 
  • Less Competition 
  • High Buying Intent 
  • Less Search Volume 

Advantages Of Using Long-Tail Keywords On Amazon:

  • Long -Tail Keywords have a better conversion rate. 
  • Long -Tail Keywords help your Product Rank Organically. 
  • Long -Tail Keywords help to push your brand to the top.
  • Long- Tail Keywords have less competition. 
  • Amazon makes its sales nearly 57% from Long- Tail Keywords.   

Therefore, if you are a New Seller and want to increase your product’s rank on Amazon. Then use Long-Tail Keywords in your content, these play an important role in optimization of your content and help in selling your product on Amazon.

Types of Amazon Account Management Services

Amazon is a well known brand and e-commerce platform. Where all small or big companies, manufacturers, and brands can come and sell their product globally. For selling your product on Amazon it provides Amazon Account Management. This helps sellers to manage their Account on Amazon and grow their business to the next level. Some sellers are earning their livelihood through Amazon Account Management. Amazon Account Management is also in many types and different services offered by them. Here are some of the details regarding the types of Amazon Account Management and Services.  

Strategic Account Management

Strategic Account Management is also known as SAM. This account service is free and offers various data to sellers. SAM helps new sellers to grow their business on Amazon. It also provides sellers with new business opportunities, and guides specific category features and selection expansion. Now this account service is expanded with the invitation. On the basis of existing performance sellers are selected for this Account Service. 

Time-Bound Account Management

Time-Bound Account Management is also called TBAM. This type of Account Management offers the sellers 3 to 6 months Account Management Engagement. It offers best practices and opportunities to grow your business. Nevertheless, this Account Service is also limited to some sellers only. This service is expanded by invitation and  given on the basis of sellers performance. This service has better features and opportunities for the sellers, it also provides sellers Ad Optimization feature through which sellers can promote their business on Amazon. 

Amazon Business Advisory

Amazon Business Advisory provides business intelligence-driven strategic services and insights, where sellers can increase their revenue. In this service sellers get an experienced Account Manager from Amazon, which helps them to operate this Account and Manage their Customers. Those sellers who have an active Account in Amazon can avail this service. 

Amazon Services That Help in Growth of Your Business

Service Provider Network

Service Provider Network is a type of Amazon Account Management Service, this Service provides Sellers two options. The option is issue based service or either full Account Management Service as a paid Service from Third Party Service Provider. 

Amazon Select

Amazon Select is a brand building program where sellers can grow their Brand Awareness and Business. This helps them to expand their marketplace.

Amazon Approval For Restricted Products

Restricted products also have the same criteria for selling on Amazon. So before starting any other thing ensure that you meet following requirements:

  1. Professional Seller Account 
  2. Seller Account Health 

If you have a FBM seller account, then the following factors are important for you. Be sure you guide and meet these metrics: 

  • Late shipment rate: < 4%
  • Order defect rate: < 1%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: < 2.5%

3. Purchase Your Products From a Reputed Wholesale 

You have to combine the purchase of at least 10 units. So there is a need to buy at least 10 products in 3 different restricted categories. Before anything be sure those products are within the restricted category which you want to sell. And also make sure you select ASIN’s that are already listed on Amazon. The aim of purchasing products from a wholesaler is only not to get profit on these items. So you can choose low mid items instead of high dollar items. 

4. Invoice

Before or at the time of purchasing please be sure that you are using exact details that match your Seller Central Account. So verify your Name, Address, Email, and Phone number.

5. Photo Demand 

  • Photo requirement according to the Product and Packaging. 
  • Requires live photos and not generated by computers. 
  • Photo displays clearly all sides of the product and packaging.
  • Clearly include product name and model number.
  • Should display the physical location of the manufacturer and name. 
  • All the information should be given in the local language of the country. 

Now you are all set to get or apply for the approval. 

 How to Apply on Amazon for Restricted Products 

Once you fulfil all the details and information, then it’s time to submit your application.

  • Login to your Amazon Seller Central Account. 
  • From the Inventory menu select “Add a Product”.
  • Search for the item that you want to sell on Amazon. 
  • Click on the Listing Limitations and apply a link next to the item. 
  • Click on the request approval button to start the application process. 

After all these procedures you will get a confirmation email that your application is approved or not. From here you can check the status of your application.

Things to do for prevention of Account Suspension

Amazon is a Global Platform for expanding your business throughout the World. Amazon provides various new features with Account Management, Brand Store, Box, A+ content and many more things which push your business further. But many times the seller’s account gets suspended by Amazon. It is because New Seller’s do not have proper knowledge for operating their Account. But don’t be afraid of Account Suspension. Here we are with some of the Amazing things to do, Which can prevent your Account with the Suspension.

Fast Response to Each Notification from

Amazon is a Global Platform to satisfy the demand of both Sellers and Buyers, therefore you have to be Active towards all the notifications from Amazon and up-to-date with each notification from Amazon. Be Polite and always Clarify your Issues with Amazon don’t Conflict. Make special attention towards the Suspended Account Mail and reply within Few Minutes. 

Provide Instant Services to Your Customers

The First and foremost work of Amazon is to satisfy its Customers. So, If you are a Seller then you have to be quick towards each question and doubt from the Customer. Always respond quickly to the Packing and Shipping Issues or any Doubt from the Customer. 

Amazon Product Listing 

Product Listing is your Product Page where you come to know about the whole detail of your Product. Your Amazon Product Listing Page should be attractive and carry information about the Product and set a standard price as per the quality of material. It should be similar with the other Products available on Amazon. The Description of the Product should be Clear and Accurate and sets a minimum and maximum price of the product. Monitoring your Product Listing Page can prevent your Account from Suspension. 

Never Do Fake Promises With Customers

A Customer always wants a good deal at every place of Shopping, so never make a fake promise with a Customer. Fake notification, prices and false description only lead you to the Amazon Account Suspension. So a seller maintains some business ethics to prevent Amazon Suspension Appeal. 

Maintain the Quality and Standard of Product 

Satisfaction of the Customer always depends on the Quality and Standard of the product. So never compromise with the Standard and Quality of the Product. Do not use another company’s trademark; it appeals to Amazon Suspension. 

Shipping on Time 

Your Product must be reached to the Customer on the exact time and date, it can reduce the image of your brand on Amazon and as a Seller. As a Seller avoid the late Shipping. It also prevents your Account from the Suspension. 

Supervise Your Account Everyday

Everyday Supervise your Amazon Seller Account. So as a Seller be Attentive towards each Feedback, Query or Doubt of the Customer or Market. You must know about your Account properly, it can help you to resolve issues.