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4 Ways For Smartly Market Your Business Online

In e-commerce, it is necessary to be in the market with proper strategy, which helps you to increase your ROI. For more and more benefit in business it is imperative to focus on marketing strategies with Social Media, Email, Marketing Videos and an Impressive Website. These can maximise your online presence and expand your customer reach. Here in this article some of tactics are mentioned: 

Emails and Newsletters:  You can send links related to your Products, Website, Upcoming Offers or New Launch of any product through this method. On clicking this link, the consumer lands on your product page or landing page of your website for making a purchase. This method is helpful in generating traffic on your Website and sets a reputed position in the market.

Social Media: Social Media is emerging as a new way for expanding online business. You can make Social Media handle or create brand pages on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora etc, For generating brand awareness about your product. Through these pages you can interact with consumers and convert traffic on your website also. 

Dedicated Website: Building a Website is the first priority for a seller. An impressive and dedicated website will lead to greater sales and your brand recognition. A well set up website gives a confidence to the customers to make their decision about the product. An Impressive Website plays an important role to Drive Traffic, Make Sales and a Good Ranking on Google. 

Video Marketing: Videos Marketing are very common in today’s time to make sales and generate more traffic on e-commerce platforms. This strategy is helpful for driving traffic to your landing page. Video Marketing helps in highlighting the benefits, uses of products, showcase the design of your product and also secondary information about your product. 

Here are some more ideas are given that can help you to show your product more appealing: 

Free shipping: In starting your business, any special occasion or in case of any special offer you can give Free Shipping. It promotes your business, brand and product. 

Percentage-Off: You can also Reduce Percentage of your choice from the price for sometime. Promo Codes: You can generate promo Codes like- lightning deals, coupons or seasonal deals and share them on Social Media Platforms.

Amazon PPC Strategies and Marketing Ideas

Amazon is the largest well known e-commerce marketplace, Which is providing various opportunities to Vendors and Sellers to start their business online. Amazon’s enormity is evergreen that provides brands and all kinds of products. But high demand for products isn’t enough, your products need to reach exact buyers first. Higher visibility of products leads to better ROI and increased profit. There are many things and strategies that you need to think about and do to grow your business on Amazon. In this blog we are going to cover top PPC strategies and marketing ideas that can help you for growing your business further:-

Get Buy Box 

Buy Box on Amazon lets customers directly add items to their Cart. A Buy Box assures shoppers about the product quality and low price. Shoppers prefer to buy items with a Buy Box regardless who the seller is. Here are some tips to be Eligible for the Buy Box: 

  • Speed up of Shipments 
  • Improve Seller Feedback
  • Set Reasonable Prices
  • Keep Items Well Stocked 

Set up your PPC Budget 

Think about your Amazon PPC Budget although it is very helpful for you to convert traffic through your ads. Consumers browse through Amazon Listing and buy most of the products during browsing. Your Amazon PPC Budget and strategy help you to enhance your business. 

Adjust Bids by Placement Strategy

Amazon’s “Adjust Bids by Placement” Strategy is that marketers and business person’s are able to customise their bidding strategy for ads, depending on where they are placed. This gives a person control on bidding for specific spots and targets those areas where they feel is more important. Adjust bids by placement strategy helps you to generate more and more ROI and to appear on the top of search positions. 

Drive Traffic with Impressive Product Detail Page 

At Amazon your Product Detail Page is the key point for you to attract customers through images and content on your product page. Appealing content and relevant information about the product help you to drive customers. 

  • You can add high-quality and lifestyle images that show your product from every angle. 
  • Make important information easily available to the customer. 

Proper Strategies of Marketing and Advertising 

With Proper Advertising Strategy you can reach out to the right people,  which is a drop-dead strategy for a successful campaign to run. With an Amazon Advertising partner constant communication, and proper analysis is a must thing to do. Regular surveillance must be initiated to grow the sales and better ROI. So, Proper Strategies of marketing and advertising are the things, which you have to do before starting your sales on Amazon.

4 Tips to Boost Your New Products Launch with Amazon Advertising

At Amazon Marketplace Amazon Advertising is essential for any Seller for gaining and maintaining a solid foothold on this place. Amazon Advertising helps sellers to promote their brand on Amazon. It also helps customers to recognise your product. Amazon Advertising helps to grow your sales. With Amazon services you can grow your Business faster. 

Amazon Advertising in New Product Launch

As a New Seller it is important for being a partner with Amazon Advertising. They will guide you and help you to develop an effective launch strategy that helps you to set a goal and achieve it. Because Amazon shows only those products to the consumer’s, which they think is relevant to the consumer’s. So, Amazon advertising also helps in showing your product in that section. Below in our article we are going to discuss some tips which you can consider in your product launch. 

Tips to Launch Your Product with Amazon Advertising 

As a New Seller, you may face some difficulties related with your Product Launch or Account. But worry not, We will help you to achieving your goals, here are some of tips that can help you on your New Product launching and Amazon Advertising Ads:

1. Define the Goals for Your Launch 

For a Good Product Launch, which increases in sales you have to make your Advertising Strategy. With this later on, measure your campaign performance and work accordingly. You can consult an Amazon Service Agency, which helps you to build your strategy and grow in your sales.

2. Get your Product Pages Ready for Advertising. 

While preparing for your Product Launch, firstly make sure that your product pages are ready. For the product page be ready with appealing content, clear title, bullet points, keywords, product description and high-quality images of the product on the product page. It will help you to engage customers. 

3. Choose Your Advertising Solutions 

Choose Your Advertising Solution wisely because all ad products may not fit into goals of your Product Launch. Focus on the strategies that can be most meaningful for your brands and product.  

  • Sponsored Products 

These ads can be generated by targeting either keywords or products to help customers to discover new products. 

  • Sponsored Brands 

These are keyword and product ads that feature your logo, customised headline and a collection of your products. Your listing helps customers to discover your products, brand and product portfolio. 

  • Sponsored Display 

Sponsored Display is high-visibility display ads that appear on and off Amazon, targeted by interest, product or category. Sponsored Display ads help you to reach more audiences globally. 

  • Build Your Store Page

Your unique product page in your brand store helps you to reach the dedicated destination on Amazon. It will highlight your product and use of Amazon Advertisement in this help you to drive more traffic on the page and store. 

4.Evaluate Success of Your Product Launch and Make Improvement 

After your product launch, evaluate your ad campaigns, review your performance and advertising reports. Look at all the relevant points like targeted sales, brand metrics, return on advertising spend. Analyse it and work accordingly.

Needy Things for Promotion and Brand Discovery

Social Media is turning from Media platforms to online marketplace. Through Posts many brands are promoting their products on Social Media. Amazon is also taking notes from Social Media Posts. Amazon acts as medium from Sellers to customers for Brand Discovery, Customer Engagement and Product Marketing. Read the further Blog for knowing about the Amazon Posts and its use. 

Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts enables you as a Brand Create and Post Content for the customer’s feed from the platform. Amazon Posts are a part of Amazon Advertising, Amazon Posts drive customer’s engagement and product awareness through an image based feed. The character limit of the Amazon Post is 2200 characters for the desktop and only 70 characters for the mobile version. Each Amazon post emphasises lifestyle, product image, caption, and link of your Product Page. 

The Structure of Amazon Post

An Amazon Post consist 5 Sections: 

  • Profile Banner: Profile Banner is the top portion of the post that indicates the logo, brand name and a unique image.
  • Custom Image: Custom Image is the section for images, where you can add images that support your brand story and highlight the features of your product. Animated Videos in this section are not allowed. 
  • Show Product: Show Product is a button, which by click shows additional information of your product. 
  • Caption Text: This Section is for the caption according to the product. 
  • Category Tags: Category Tags used to divide your product in a specific category. 

The feed grants you to generate product and brand-centric content, it motivates customers to purchase on Amazon. 

Why Should you use Amazon Post

Amazon Posts help you to attract buyers, and aim to create awareness about your product among buyers. With Amazon Posts you can inspire buyers, create a story about your product with which it is related and you can display your other products also. 

How can you Participate in Amazon Posts 

For using Amazon Posting you must fulfil following points:

  • U.S. Seller or Vendor
  • Be a registered seller or vendor on Amazon Brand Registry 
  • Be signed with Amazon Advertising Account 
  • Own Store on Amazon
  • Ensure that your Organic Traffic is linked with your store 

After fulfilling all above criteria, you will be able to use Amazon Posts for free. Following are the further steps to signing in Amazon Posts: 

  • Visit posts.amazon.com
  • Sign in with your Amazon Advertising 
  • Create Your Profile
  • Verify with your Brand Name
  • Upload Your Brand Logo

Once you fulfil all these steps, then you are able to upload photos, create captions and select tags for publishing. 

Where do the Amazon Posts Appear?

Amazon’s Algorithm is different from Google’s Algorithm. It is totally dependent on customer’s feedback and selling. Amazon Posts appear according to the Amazon Algorithm. Here is some information about its Post appearances on the Marketplace. 

  • Product Detail Page: Amazon Post appears on Product Detail Page in a carousel format on the relevant Product Listings. 
  • Posts Feed: On tapping an Amazon Post, Applicable Posts are displayed to the customer in a feed. 
  • Brand Feed: On clicking the brand logo on the header of a post, Amazon displays all of the brand’s posts in a feed.

Post Dashboard 

Dashboard of the post keeps an eye on some metrics like views and click through rate (CTR). This data helps you to analyse your success in the post.   

How to take Maximum Benefits from it?

Amazon Posts are similar to Social Media Posts and some of its guidelines are also the same. Only using targeted keywords are not enough, you have to look at other things also. Creating engaging content, using high quality images, consistently postings on Amazon once in a day, and adding new things in it related with your product, offer, information helps you to get consumers, better conversion and generate ROI.

Videos : A medium to Reach Out Maximum Customers

Nowadays Videos are popping up all over Social Media, it is growing at such a fast pace it can confuse anyone. As a business person it is important to keep an eye on the latest trends on any platform and videos are surely one of those. Videos are attractive and grab more attention from the audience as compared to blogs or any written content. Video Marketing is a cheap and trending way to drive more traffic. Here are some points that can help you to understand the benefits of Video Marketing:

  • Captures More Attention  

Video Marketing has been trending for the last two years. Video Marketing is a small and cheapest way that can help you to increase your sales. Small videos with great content and creativity help to get the attention of the buyer. 

  • Easy to Understand 

This is another beneficial point of videos and Video Marketing. With the help of video you can easily remind the audience about your product, its benefits and relevant information about it. You can create videos on the reviews of the customers and make videos with them also. Most of the companies are using videos as a marketing strategy for increasing their sales and driving more conversions on their websites. 

  • Work with Influencers 

Social Media is a powerful platform for marketing and companies are making their strategies accordingly. Social Media influencers also have a strong base of audience. As a Video Marketing Strategy you can work with influencers and sponsor their videos, which help you to generate traffic for your brand and product through this tip. A short video with creativity helps you to be famous.    

  • Work for Every Platform at Social Media 

Make small Videos for every platform of Social Media. Facebook or Instagram every Social Media has different numbers of followers and audience, if you work for every social media platform and make videos accordingly. That can be helpful for you to generate more and more traffic and generate ROI.  

  • Creativity 

Videos are your own creativity so you can use them according to your priority. Add content according to you, short and creative points help to learn more about your product. With the new age of technology and editing tools, you can create anything according to your needs.  

  • Social Messages 

The best way to reach out to more people organically is to write your Social Messages associated with your brand and product. You can  bring changes in society, and can get a very strong hard hitting campaign without investing much in it.

Video Marketing is trending and the best way for utilizing your strategies. It can capture the attention of the common masses and stay on their mind forever.

5 Awesome Tips to Manage Social Media Reputation

Social Media is one of the innovative ways for e-commerce marketing. You can not ignore Social Media Marketing as it is one of the main hubs for online marketing. 

Marketing through Social Media is one of the cheapest and perfect ways to engage more and more customers with your brand and product. So, as a marketer you need to be more conscious and focussed for managing your Social Media Post. 

On Social Media you have to keep in mind some things like the audience are of the diverse type, So they may appreciate or compliment your services. You need to be careful to avoid the negative comments or posts, calm your mind and not respond badly because your wrong comment can move away your lead from your website. So, Here in this blog some pointers are mentioned that can help you to maintain your Social Media Reputation like Update News, Use of Hashtags, Prevent Yourself from Moderate Comments and Trolls etc. 

Update News 

Update yourself with news, offers, and alternative facts. Be careful with fake news and avoid it, because the internet is a major source of hoaxes, fake viral videos and false news. Fake news can be lined up with your business so be updated. For maintaining a Social Media Reputation stay away from this kind of news. Before sharing anything, you should look at whether the facts that you are sharing are correct or not. This may save you from the negative feedback and comments.

Prevent Yourself from Moderate Comments and Trolls 

Whether you are a user of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, trolls have been an inherent part of it due to the increased use of Social Media. These Negative Situations may provoke your temper or argue so be prepared for this and prevent yourself from moderate comments or trolls. This also can affect your Social Media Reputation and only reply in the positive direction, So that your positive presence could be maintained. 

Your Professional and Personal Account should be Different 

Your Personal and professional account should be different. Never tag your relatives or family friends with your professional post, never involve them in any of your business profile pages. So, viewers could only focus on your services, rather on your family background. This can be helpful in maintaining your Social Media Reputation. 

Use of Hashtags 

Hashtags are used on Social Media to make it easier to find information with a theme or specific content. You can use Hashtag in your post to popularise your post or information. You should avoid mistakes in hashtags, words, information or any fact. All these errors can affect your Social Media Reputation. 


As a Business Person, you should avoid any interference in any Political Issue. You have to focus only on clients through your amazing products or services. You only require resolving their issues or any problem. Talking about any such kind of issue can never engage your customers in your services.

So, be prepared with all of these strategies to maintain your Social Media Reputation, as it is very essential for your company profile on Social Media.

5 amazon Ad Tips to Boost Your Sales

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world. Nowadays every retailer or seller wants to sell their product on Amazon. But can it be so simple? The answer is yes, it can be simple, if you have knowledge about the Amazon ecommerce market. Through a good strategy to boost your sales on Amazon you can reach a global audience very easily. Here, we are going to discuss Amazon Ad strategy which can help you to make a better strategy for Amazon. 

Amazon Ads 

Amazon Ads is basically a service provided by Amazon that works in a similar way as pay-per-click on google. And here sellers only pay when shoppers click. Amazon Ads helps in increasing visibility and sales on Amazon. A strong Advertising Strategy on Amazon helps you increase sales according to the competition on the platform, boost your Ad spend ROI and brand awareness. 

Long-Tail Advanced Amazon Keywords 

Keyword is the main word which is actually searched by the large group of audience on search engines. As a part of Strategy Long Tail Keywords are important in your content. As a new seller you can face hard times like low ranking, or low selling. Here you have to make a strong strategy for earning clicks and ranking. By the use of Long Tail Keywords with low competition, and high purchase intent, you can boost awareness about your brand and improve your sales on Amazon’s SERP. 

Use of Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands plays an important role in Amazon Ads and in your brand awareness. If you are not giving priority to your brand awareness then it can be your big mistake on Amazon. When a shopper searches for any product he usually takes those one which are top in the search result, and these products are mainly Sponsored Brands. Using Sponsored Brands helps you to increase your rank, create brand awareness about your product and get traffic also.

Evaluate Product Level Profitability

Before starting your strategy with Amazon Ads, you need to identify the profitability of your product first. Here you have to analyse the highest profit margins on your product and concentrate your advertising spend on those items. When you have the proper list then run your Ad Campaigns for these products. This advance tip helps you to set a budget on your ad campaign, wasting dollars and making more money. 

Use of Other Marketing Channels 

While you are marketing and selling on Amazon then don’t focus only on Amazon. It will not help you properly to make proper sales of your products on Amazon. Here you can use and advertise your brand on other marketing channels also like using Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads are a good solution. It will help you to gain more traffic and sales from different marketing channels. But you focus here that, Where your ideal customers are? What marketing channels are they using? So proper strategy and analysis of these marketing channels help you to set up proper Amazon Ad. Add other marketing channels also in your strategy.  

Create Engaging Amazon Landing Page 

Making a Landing Page on Amazon is not a big deal, but creating an engaging landing page that converts the traffic is quite difficult and creative. There are some rules and standards that you have to follow for making a proper landing page, if you are not using these standards in your landing page then it is boring and not for any use. Here is few things are mentioned, which can help you to optimise your landing page:   

  • Above the Fold: This is one of the important sections about products. It is a part of the page which is visible at the moment when someone clicks. So making it enticing, attracts customers to your page. 
  • Use Scarcity Feature: Using scarcity features in your page helps you to increase sales. Using a countdown timer before expiration of any offer helps you to convert more traffic. 
  • Add Call to Action: Use buy now or any other call to action feature to help you to stop customers from bouncing back. 
  • Optimize With Your Branding
  • Use Images and Video
  • Keep Your Design and Copy Simple

Best SEO Tools for Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for every small or big online business. All business persons who are selling their product through an online medium tries to sell their product through a website. And here the seo is needy to optimise their website and content according to the algorithm of the relevant online platform. It is a very competitive platform where SEO tools play a major role for a good SEO. The best SEO tools help to explore the opportunities and challenges, they help you to save your time and create a better website that satisfies the needs of the business and customers. Here are some information is mentioned about best SEO tools, which can help you to make your SEO more better : 


SEMrush is an essential tool for keyword search, site audits and competitor analysis. SEMrush helps you to check popular keywords in your content, phrases, terms and some other related keywords that help you to enhance your link building strategy. SEMrush shows on an average click in a particular keyword in google, and it allows you to focus on the organic traffic on google. 


Ahrefs has many features related with keywords, backlinking, and Search Engine Ranking. Ahrefs is the favourite tool of thousands of online marketers. Ahrefs site explorer feature is best known for backlinking analysis, its content explorer feature helps in finding popular content, topic or any keyword. Its keyword explorer feature helps in finding keyword, global search volume, keywords ideas, level of SEO difficulty and keyword position. 


Seobility is the best tool for getting the statistics , and helps to check the overall performance of the website to enhance your optimization. Keyword check feature of Seobility gives a glimpse of Page Ranking based on your targeted Keywords. Its SEO compare feature helps you to compare the Keywords of two pages, and its ranking check feature checks the page ranking for every Keyword. 

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a Keyword research tool which helps you to analyse the right keyword for your website. This keyword tool can quickly analyse the top 10 results for each keyword in Google. As a quick tool it also checks the SERP’s data points like Domain and Page Authority, Total Backlinks, Meta Tags, Moz Rank, Domain Age and more. 

Search Metrics Suite

The Search Metrics Suite tool is the best tool for SEO and is used for checking the performance of the Website from the last 6 months. It helps Digital Marketer’s to plan, report, measure, and execute internet marketing strategies. It gives a fast view of competitor keywords analysis.  


Pitchbox is a paid tool used for outreach purposes. When you start Building Links, there is a lot of outreach involved there and Pitchbox makes it easy for you. Pitchbox is not a SEO tool but it plays a major role in outreach. It improves your overall outreach efforts effectively. Their sequence of email allows you to set up follow up emails. It has a link monitoring feature which tracks the performance of the link.  


SEOquake is a free SEO tool which is used for competitor research. Install browser extension and find information about Alexa Rank, Google Index, Number of External Links, Domain Age and more. It is a very easy tool to use. 


SEOptimer is the best SEO tool which helps you to know the performance of your site’s SEO. Through this you can see the full performance of your website and can change your strategy according to the need. SEOptimer also gives you the overall SEO performance of your website. It helps to show you On-Page metrics such as keyword usage, mobile responsiveness, user experience, speed and same as for Off-Page SEO metrics like domain authority, backlinking and more. Once the proper analysis of your website is completed it gives some suggestions and recommendations for your website. 

Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords is an effective keyword research tool. Seed Keywords helps you to get keywords based on your questions. It also gives you a unique URL, which can be shared with many people and on social profiles. 

Authority Labs

Authority Labs is a SERP monitoring tool, which allows you to track the results of a country, postal code, city and more. It is used for tracking and knowing the rank of the website. It helps you to get the rank position on the website and search volume of the particular keyword. This is helpful in giving the full analysis of the competitor’s website.

How to be Rank 1 on Google

On Digital Marketing platform every Online Marketing company wants to be ranked 1 on Google Search Result. For this the Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Keyword Research, Site Errors, Anchor Text, Quality Links Building, Social Media Presence is the main key behind it. 

 Without SEO you can’t think about being on Google Search Results. Although SEO has many types and a Digital Marketing professional knows very well how SEO can be used for various sections on Digital Marketing. However many times people don’t know about it, So here we are with some ideas which can be helpful for you to rank 1 Google. 

Keyword Research

Before starting any of your campaigns on Google or any other platform just make sure the Keyword you are going to use has High Search Result or Low Search Result. For only attraction you can’t use the high rank keyword, it’s actually a foolishness not more than that. Use only those Keywords for websites which have a Good Search Result and low SEO difficulty. Optimise your website as per the Search Engine Guidelines and as per the user’s choice. If you have a user choice keyword then you, then it will help you to get better leads for the website. 

Fix Site Errors

Due to site errors your website can be in low rank on Google. SEO Optimization is the most essential and important part for ranking your website on Google. Optimise your website properly with every aspect of SEO like Anchors, Meta Tags, Alt Tags, Head Tags and many more.  

Anchor Text 

There can be many reasons to penalise your Website and an imbalanced Anchor Text is one of them. Try to always use variety in Anchor Text and also use your brand’s name more in your Anchor Texts. You can use variations in your Link Building. You can use Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking or Blog Comments. It helps to engage the audience properly. Use Anchor Text it looks natural because unusual and improper anchor texts can ruin your online presence.   

Quality Links Building

As a SEO Professional, always check the quality of your link. Having a check on the IP address of the Website, Page Authority, Page Ranks or Domain Authority matters less but works for your website’s quality not quantity. Make Quality Links, it is also helpful in earning trust of the audience.

Social Media Presence

Social Media is one of the biggest platforms to promote your brand. It is the easiest way to engage the audience with your work, services and brand. Here you can promote your brand through postings, stories, amazing captions and many activities here which can be helpful for you to get or divert traffic on your website. You can use all Social Media Profiles, Engage your customers and build a great relationship with your audience. This can be helpful for you to get traffic on your website also and better direct reach with the audience from here. 

Social Media is one of the parts of Off-Page SEO, so doing relevant activities here is also helpful in Off-Page SEO.