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Amazon Seller Account

Amazon Seller Account

Amazon is a Multinational Company which was founded by Jeff Bezos, in Washington on 5th July 1995. Firstly it was named by Cadabra.Inc after a few months it was renamed by In the present world Amazon is the greatest Online Marketing platform which focuses on e-Commerce, Digital Streaming, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Amazon is one of the Influential Cultural and Economic Organisation in the world and most valuable brands in the World. It is one of the big 5 American IT Companies with Apple, Meta, Alphabet and Microsoft. Amazon generated $386 billion in US retail e-Commerce sales in 2020 and up 38% over 2019. Amazon is the biggest platform to grow your small or big business and to go beyond your locality. For Amazon you have to create a Seller Account. Amazon Seller Account is a needy thing for creating your store on the Amazon platform. 

Why Do Newcomers Prefer Amazon Seller Accounts? 

  • Since 2016 Amazon has had 130 million New Clients every month. 
  • Amazon has a very vast customer connection around the World. 
  • Payment is secure on Amazon, no glitches. 
  • Hassle free shipping, on time. 
  • At every step Amazon professionals are ready to guide you for your account set up and store set up. 

What is the advantage to creating an Amazon Seller Account? 

  • Amazon is the Largest Online trusted Marketing Platform, and has a large number of users and buyers. Everyday more than 150 million buyers visit Amazon. 
  • Amazon has easy to access software, which allows sellers to display the listing in a sequence which is handy for buyers.
  • Amazon is popular all over the World. 
  • Amazon provides the best price for buyers and sellers. 
  • Amazon has many features which are easy to use for the seller.  

Some Prior Knowledge to Open a Seller Account in Amazon 

  • Firstly research about your product. 
  • Search for your supplier.
  • Registration on Amazon Seller Account. 
  • Make an Amazing product listing.
  • Make a shipping plan.  

Firstly research about your product

Before starting or setting your business at Amazon you have to do some research about Market feedback of the different products. As a newcomer you have to find out the demand of the product and the turnover of the products on Amazon. On Amazon, ranking 50 of any product is good, so select that product. According to the facility of Amazon and the demand of the product in the audience choose your product. 

Search for your supplier

After deciding about a product, now is the time to think about the supplier of your products. You can assemble products at a lower price from the market and sell them at Amazon on printed price, or purchase directly from the Wholesaler. It can provide you with a better price on Amazon. 

Registration on Amazon Seller Account

After searching for suppliers now it’s time to register as a businessman to Amazon Seller Account. For register on Amazon Seller Account you need following documents: 

  • Legal Business Name, Address, and Valid Contact Number. 
  • A Valid E-mail Account which you can use on behalf of your company. 
  • An Internationally Chargeable Credit Card with billing address.
  • A valid mobile number which is available on the time of sign up. 
  • Pan Card. 
  • The GSTIN number is mandatory. 
  • Bank Account with cheque and proper address. 
  • KYC document (residential proof, ID proof, etc.). 
  • Brand Undertaking or Authorisation. 

Make an Amazing product listing

Make an amazing product listing with appropriate categories which is helpful for buyers to get products easily. You can create a separate list of each product. You can upload bulk products also with a single click. For easily understandable you can create Ms excel spreadsheet for bulk products and save it as a CSV file. Now you can upload it on your Amazon Seller Account. 

Make a shipping plan

For fast selling of your products, choose Amazon Prime but for that you have to fulfil eligibility criteria by Amazon. The other part of Amazon is FBA, and is responsible for the shipping of the products to the customer on time. You have to pay the fees of FBA including Amazon Seller Fees. For packing and shipping Amazon is responsible but you have to print barcodes and pack according to their criteria. FBA in Amazon is responsible for higher listing of your products, taking care of your products and easy return policy. 

So what are you waiting for, expand your business globally and grow your small business on a large scale.

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