Social Media is turning from Media platforms to online marketplace. Through Posts many brands are promoting their products on Social Media. Amazon is also taking notes from Social Media Posts. Amazon acts as medium from Sellers to customers for Brand Discovery, Customer Engagement and Product Marketing. Read the further Blog for knowing about the Amazon Posts and its use. 

Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts enables you as a Brand Create and Post Content for the customer’s feed from the platform. Amazon Posts are a part of Amazon Advertising, Amazon Posts drive customer’s engagement and product awareness through an image based feed. The character limit of the Amazon Post is 2200 characters for the desktop and only 70 characters for the mobile version. Each Amazon post emphasises lifestyle, product image, caption, and link of your Product Page. 

The Structure of Amazon Post

An Amazon Post consist 5 Sections: 

  • Profile Banner: Profile Banner is the top portion of the post that indicates the logo, brand name and a unique image.
  • Custom Image: Custom Image is the section for images, where you can add images that support your brand story and highlight the features of your product. Animated Videos in this section are not allowed. 
  • Show Product: Show Product is a button, which by click shows additional information of your product. 
  • Caption Text: This Section is for the caption according to the product. 
  • Category Tags: Category Tags used to divide your product in a specific category. 

The feed grants you to generate product and brand-centric content, it motivates customers to purchase on Amazon. 

Why Should you use Amazon Post

Amazon Posts help you to attract buyers, and aim to create awareness about your product among buyers. With Amazon Posts you can inspire buyers, create a story about your product with which it is related and you can display your other products also. 

How can you Participate in Amazon Posts 

For using Amazon Posting you must fulfil following points:

  • U.S. Seller or Vendor
  • Be a registered seller or vendor on Amazon Brand Registry 
  • Be signed with Amazon Advertising Account 
  • Own Store on Amazon
  • Ensure that your Organic Traffic is linked with your store 

After fulfilling all above criteria, you will be able to use Amazon Posts for free. Following are the further steps to signing in Amazon Posts: 

  • Visit
  • Sign in with your Amazon Advertising 
  • Create Your Profile
  • Verify with your Brand Name
  • Upload Your Brand Logo

Once you fulfil all these steps, then you are able to upload photos, create captions and select tags for publishing. 

Where do the Amazon Posts Appear?

Amazon’s Algorithm is different from Google’s Algorithm. It is totally dependent on customer’s feedback and selling. Amazon Posts appear according to the Amazon Algorithm. Here is some information about its Post appearances on the Marketplace. 

  • Product Detail Page: Amazon Post appears on Product Detail Page in a carousel format on the relevant Product Listings. 
  • Posts Feed: On tapping an Amazon Post, Applicable Posts are displayed to the customer in a feed. 
  • Brand Feed: On clicking the brand logo on the header of a post, Amazon displays all of the brand’s posts in a feed.

Post Dashboard 

Dashboard of the post keeps an eye on some metrics like views and click through rate (CTR). This data helps you to analyse your success in the post.   

How to take Maximum Benefits from it?

Amazon Posts are similar to Social Media Posts and some of its guidelines are also the same. Only using targeted keywords are not enough, you have to look at other things also. Creating engaging content, using high quality images, consistently postings on Amazon once in a day, and adding new things in it related with your product, offer, information helps you to get consumers, better conversion and generate ROI.

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