Amazon Marketing Strategies: That Can Boost Your Amazon Sales

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Amazon Marketing Strategies: That Can Boost Your Amazon Sales

Amazon Marketing Strategies : That Can Boost Your Amazon Sales

Amazon is a Global marketplace, which gives the opportunity to every individual seller to start their business on Global level and reach a larger Audience. But achieving success at this place is not an easy task, it is quite challenging because you are not competing with one you are competing against thousands in the same space for the same item. It is not a very hard task along with correct Amazon Marketing Strategies. Here, In this article we are going to discuss about 5 Amazon Marketing Strategies that can provide sellers with good results:  

Brand Visibility With Amazon Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands is an effective tool on Amazon for boosting brand awareness. They help Sellers increase product visibility. Sponsored brands are actually PPC- based keyword targeted ads which show on the top of the search result page on the left hand side. Sponsored brand Ads are helpful for increasing Brand Awareness and used to display 1-3 products in a headline. By clicking on these Ads customers directly reach to a custom landing page, where they can check all details related to the product. Sponsored Ads are an excellent way to take customers directly on the product page and convert traffic. 

The Flywheel Effect 

The Flywheel Effect is a concept where sellers take advantage of paid advertising for generating earned media. It is meant by Amazon as a virtuous cycle and a real way to drive traffic on the store. Paid media and earned media include reviews, orders and page views. Ads drive traffic on the product page and help in ranking on organic search results. Increased rank and higher traffic helps in earning Amazon’s Choice Tag. Through this label product earns more attention from customers and results in more traffic conversions.  

Category- Specific Targeting With Sponsored Ads on Amazon

Sponsored Ads are a very famous method for advertising on Amazon. The Ads are displayed below, above and alongside of the platform’s search result and product’s page as well. The Ads helps sellers to broad category- specific targeting. With these strategies Product Attributed Targeting (PAT) makes it possible for sellers to show their Ads in specific categories and price. You can use PAT to display your brand to shoppers who are thinking of purchasing the major product , it will also increase brand visibility.

Include Negative Keywords To Reduce Ad Expenses 

Sellers can use keywords in their Amazon Ads to make sure they don’t rank for irrelevant search terms. You can use Negative Keywords in your ads for traffic. Use customer search terms in the ads, then report, apply the filter, and select the keyword with zero conversions. Use these in the negative keyword category. It will also drive traffic conversion.

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