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Amazon Global Selling

Expand and Grow in 17 Countries (and Counting)

Amazon Global Selling

Amazon Global Selling is an ecommerce export program that helps you take your business from your country to the global markets in 200+ countries and territories. Your sales network is more than just the United States. Extending your reach to markets outside the U.S. can have a powerful effect on your business. Whether you are familiar with international selling or have never done business across borders, Amazon makes global selling easy.

Choose what and where you want to sell.

Be sure that you understand the selling landscape of each potential marketplace before deciding where you want to conduct business and what products you want to offer. Consider factors such as local taxes and regulations before investing in any international marketplace. 

Register your account and list products.

Before you conduct business internationally, you must create a Seller Central account in the marketplaces in which you want to sell, even if you have an existing seller account in another Amazon marketplace. 

Start shipping and fulfilling orders.

Efficient order fulfilment is a critical component of customer satisfaction. Understanding the nuances of international shipping and fulfilment in different international marketplaces — including shipping costs, time and requirements — is essential to your success. 

Advantages of an Amazon Global Account

Amazon Global Selling helps you:

    • Leverage the power of Amazon’s trusted global brand to boost your international sales.
    • Grow your business by reaching millions of new customers via Amazon international marketplaces.
    • Improve your cash flow and reduce low sales periods by taking advantage of peak seasons in other countries.

Experience the Power of Truly Global Sales

Amazon has more global influence than most companies ever dream of achieving. By taking advantage of Amazon’s ever-growing consumer base and state-of-the-art international logistics capabilities, a global seller on Amazon has the potential to reach hundreds of millions of new customers.

Access 17+ marketplaces

Stock inventory in 175+ fulfilment centres

Reach loyal Amazon customers in 180+ countries

Sell within 30+ categories

Your Checklist for Global Domination

In Justo Consulting We use Amazon’s handy checklist for successful international business as a guide when coordinating your global sales. We cover the basics below.

How do I register for an account and list my products?

  • Assess Amazon seller account options
  • Research the registration requirements of each international marketplace
  • Establish a preferred payment method
  • Create an account for each marketplace in which you wish to sell
  • Select a listing tool and list your products

How do I handle order fulfilment and ongoing account management?


  • Fulfil orders in compliance with local regulations and requirements
  • Provide timely customer support in the local language
  • Handle all returns in compliance with Amazon’s return policy

Fulfilment by Amazon

  • Ship your inventory to an Amazon fulfilment centre
  • Handle all non fulfilment customer questions and leave returns and fulfilment queries to FBA

Our Amazon consultant team is ready to answer your questions and address your concerns!