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Amazon DSP

Demand-Side Platform

Amazon demand side platform is an Amazon Advertising product that enables automated and programmatic buying of display, video and audio ads. Amazon DSP advertising placements extend beyond and into its subsidiaries, such as IMDb and Prime Video. Amazon DSP allows advertisers and their consultants to purchase and manage ads that display on and off Amazon.

Amazon DSP advertising is available through self-service or managed options, but using a demand side platform requires a significant amount of experience in advertising on Amazon. An Amazon marketing agency can extend beyond your Amazon Advertising DSP and maximise the entire Amazon Advertising platform.

Straightforward Strategy Consolidates Ad Efforts

Besides cutting straight to the chase by going directly to the source, using a DSP makes the process of buying ads cheaper and more efficient by offering a single tool for ad campaign launches, optimization and analytics. Advertisers gain a significant competitive edge over traditional ad-networks while saving money on advertising; however, businesses generally spend more for the initial setup and maintenance of this type of advertising.

Using Amazon DSP means you run more ads across more channels for less effort. Consolidating your advertising into one convenient platform frees you from having to juggle multiple sites and accounts. Amazon DSP provides all the tools found in other DSPs, plus it has the advantages of leveraging vast amounts of Amazon data and providing access to exclusive Amazon audiences.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a means to promote brands through digital ads – typically in the form of text, images, video and audio – on platforms where online ad space (called inventory) is available. Examples of Amazon display ads include Amazon banner ads and Amazon product display ads.

Demand Side Platform

Demand side platform companies saw the opportunity to bring the buying and selling of ad inventory online. A DSP uses technology to create a network of ad inventory across multiple platforms.

The Amazon DSP Audience Builder is a proprietary tool that gives advertisers the ability to create and outline specific competitor audiences on a self-service basis. You create your target audience based on data collected previously — data that pertains to the interactions your customers have had with your page, different brands, products and searches. The Audience Builder tool allows you to effortlessly create retargeting and conquest marketing campaigns.

Should You Consider Using Amazon DSP?

Buying ad space in real time through Amazon DSP gives you the opportunity to run highly targeted ad campaigns to your buyers across numerous platforms, not just Amazon. An additional benefit is that these ads run at peak times and in the correct format, minimising sluggish ad campaigns that don’t deliver the desired results.

Amazon DSP is available to advertisers who sell products both on and off Amazon and is best suited to advertisers who want to programmatically buy display and video ads at scale. This advanced advertising platform takes the guesswork out of the ad game and provides you with all the tools you need.

Amazon DSP Ads Insights

The level of display advertising Amazon data collected from your DSP ads is unparalleled. Amazon DSP reporting includes retail insights that let you compare activity before, during and after your demand side platform advertising campaigns. Because you have access to exclusive Amazon ad platform data, you can expect in-depth insights on how customers discover, research and purchase your products.

DSP Amazon Lookalike Audiences

Amazon Advertising DSP allows you to create lookalike audiences using your existing customer data. The Amazon ad platform analyzes your customer data and matches it to Amazon display advertising data to create your lookalike audience. This helps you get started on the DSP demand side platform more quickly and take advantage of the audience insights you already have.

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