Restricted products also have the same criteria for selling on Amazon. So before starting any other thing ensure that you meet following requirements:

  1. Professional Seller Account 
  2. Seller Account Health 

If you have a FBM seller account, then the following factors are important for you. Be sure you guide and meet these metrics: 

  • Late shipment rate: < 4%
  • Order defect rate: < 1%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: < 2.5%

3. Purchase Your Products From a Reputed Wholesale 

You have to combine the purchase of at least 10 units. So there is a need to buy at least 10 products in 3 different restricted categories. Before anything be sure those products are within the restricted category which you want to sell. And also make sure you select ASIN’s that are already listed on Amazon. The aim of purchasing products from a wholesaler is only not to get profit on these items. So you can choose low mid items instead of high dollar items. 

4. Invoice

Before or at the time of purchasing please be sure that you are using exact details that match your Seller Central Account. So verify your Name, Address, Email, and Phone number.

5. Photo Demand 

  • Photo requirement according to the Product and Packaging. 
  • Requires live photos and not generated by computers. 
  • Photo displays clearly all sides of the product and packaging.
  • Clearly include product name and model number.
  • Should display the physical location of the manufacturer and name. 
  • All the information should be given in the local language of the country. 

Now you are all set to get or apply for the approval. 

 How to Apply on Amazon for Restricted Products 

Once you fulfil all the details and information, then it’s time to submit your application.

  • Login to your Amazon Seller Central Account. 
  • From the Inventory menu select “Add a Product”.
  • Search for the item that you want to sell on Amazon. 
  • Click on the Listing Limitations and apply a link next to the item. 
  • Click on the request approval button to start the application process. 

After all these procedures you will get a confirmation email that your application is approved or not. From here you can check the status of your application.

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