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Advantages of A+ Content

A+ Content has one main goal: to encourage your visitors to buy. According to Amazon, A+ content Increases your conversion rate and increases your Revenue.

Having A+ Content page brings many Advantages. Few of them are:

Provide Emotional Content and Storytelling

Has the company been family owned for decades, is it committed to sustainability, or uses only natural ingredients for all products? The A+ Page can showcase target-group-specific features with images and complete them with text. This part of the A+ Page doesn’t have to have as much to do with the product itself and can also refer to a product line or the entire company.

Highlight Unique Selling Points

We recommend using clear Images that show the USPs of the product with an example. A short text under the Image is also very helpful.

Effectuate a better understanding of the product

Before the purchase, Customers want to learn and know about the product as much as possible about a product to know if it is what they are looking for. There are barriers on the Internet because certain experiences are more difficult to have digitally: an item cannot be picked up, touched or tried on. A high level of product understanding also prevents incorrect purchases, so fewer returns are expected and, in addition, better reviews are written.

Create a Single Pager Landing Page

Integrating your own Corporate Identity on Amazon is very difficult due to the predefined layouts on the platform. With the help of One Pagers, a Loophole can be found: One creates CI-compliant image banners, which are equipped with USP icons, Logos and the brand history.

The best way to Increase Conversion Rates is to engage the Buyer’s emotional “why” by keeping them longer on the listing.

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