Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world. Nowadays every retailer or seller wants to sell their product on Amazon. But can it be so simple? The answer is yes, it can be simple, if you have knowledge about the Amazon ecommerce market. Through a good strategy to boost your sales on Amazon you can reach a global audience very easily. Here, we are going to discuss Amazon Ad strategy which can help you to make a better strategy for Amazon. 

Amazon Ads 

Amazon Ads is basically a service provided by Amazon that works in a similar way as pay-per-click on google. And here sellers only pay when shoppers click. Amazon Ads helps in increasing visibility and sales on Amazon. A strong Advertising Strategy on Amazon helps you increase sales according to the competition on the platform, boost your Ad spend ROI and brand awareness. 

Long-Tail Advanced Amazon Keywords 

Keyword is the main word which is actually searched by the large group of audience on search engines. As a part of Strategy Long Tail Keywords are important in your content. As a new seller you can face hard times like low ranking, or low selling. Here you have to make a strong strategy for earning clicks and ranking. By the use of Long Tail Keywords with low competition, and high purchase intent, you can boost awareness about your brand and improve your sales on Amazon’s SERP. 

Use of Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands plays an important role in Amazon Ads and in your brand awareness. If you are not giving priority to your brand awareness then it can be your big mistake on Amazon. When a shopper searches for any product he usually takes those one which are top in the search result, and these products are mainly Sponsored Brands. Using Sponsored Brands helps you to increase your rank, create brand awareness about your product and get traffic also.

Evaluate Product Level Profitability

Before starting your strategy with Amazon Ads, you need to identify the profitability of your product first. Here you have to analyse the highest profit margins on your product and concentrate your advertising spend on those items. When you have the proper list then run your Ad Campaigns for these products. This advance tip helps you to set a budget on your ad campaign, wasting dollars and making more money. 

Use of Other Marketing Channels 

While you are marketing and selling on Amazon then don’t focus only on Amazon. It will not help you properly to make proper sales of your products on Amazon. Here you can use and advertise your brand on other marketing channels also like using Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads are a good solution. It will help you to gain more traffic and sales from different marketing channels. But you focus here that, Where your ideal customers are? What marketing channels are they using? So proper strategy and analysis of these marketing channels help you to set up proper Amazon Ad. Add other marketing channels also in your strategy.  

Create Engaging Amazon Landing Page 

Making a Landing Page on Amazon is not a big deal, but creating an engaging landing page that converts the traffic is quite difficult and creative. There are some rules and standards that you have to follow for making a proper landing page, if you are not using these standards in your landing page then it is boring and not for any use. Here is few things are mentioned, which can help you to optimise your landing page:   

  • Above the Fold: This is one of the important sections about products. It is a part of the page which is visible at the moment when someone clicks. So making it enticing, attracts customers to your page. 
  • Use Scarcity Feature: Using scarcity features in your page helps you to increase sales. Using a countdown timer before expiration of any offer helps you to convert more traffic. 
  • Add Call to Action: Use buy now or any other call to action feature to help you to stop customers from bouncing back. 
  • Optimize With Your Branding
  • Use Images and Video
  • Keep Your Design and Copy Simple

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